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Untold story was formed by Gina Morong and Sarah Cave. They had been friends for a long time and decided that since they loved music, and no band really had every musical element that they wanted, that they would make their own band. The name Untold Story was thought up by Sarah, and Gina thought it kicked ass, so she agreed. Kelly was our guitarist for awhile, but now she's out. We are also currently looking for a drummer. Any takers?
U n t o l d | S t o r y
the life of a blackened star trying to stay alive

Monday, November 10, 2003

hello, I have not yet looked at the lyrics pages to see if they are up and running yet, it has been awhile since I made an entry. We are still currently looking for a drummer and a guitarist (both women please) =P. Hmmm, well be back when I have more news.


Sunday, November 02, 2003

Hello all, as you may have read, some of the lyric pages have been down, but have no fear, Lisa B. To the rescue! She is fixing them. Ooooo man me and Sarah have gotten super motivated in the past 3 days, we are alive and kicking and ready to get our asses to work, damn its about time. I will try to get more pictures to Lisa soon, I no longer have a digital camera, so developing now costs money =(. I definetly promise pictures of us practicing, I swear we do! =) Well, not much to say just now, both the bio's are up now, read them, know them, love us!!! =P.


Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Don't be alarmed. Some of the lyric pages may be dead, but I'm working on remaking them. Give me time. Life is hectic.


P.S. Don't you guys think there should be more updates than just song lyrics? Yeah, me too. :)

Monday, October 27, 2003

Wow, sorry about the long leave of absense. I got a new job and its sorta working me alot, plus school and the sad state of my crappy computer. SO dont blame Lisa for no udates because I have only sent her like one song in the last month. I will update more from now I just forget sometimes (duh) Well I gotta go, we may have a drummer!! yay!! we still need a guitarist and drummers can still contact us, not that anyone has been haha. CONTACT US PLEASE!!!!!!!!. Anyways, gotta go

Ferris & Nez-pa

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

hello all. for the first time in a while, this isnt gina! its sarah! im in english right now and i have no one to talk to so this is the perfect time for an update! im writing this great song right now. i'm almost done. hopefully, it'll be posted by the monday! laters!

'oh im sorrie i didnt mean to hit you... driving is bad!!!" lol right gina!!!!

Hello hello its Wednesday, Long time no see sorry about that. I have been busy (well pretend that i have been busy anyway) =) So as you can see there is a new song up. and the seperate bios are up too, as you can also see Kelly is no longer with us. Wow I just made her sound dead, no she just isnt in the band anymore, So if you have any info on a female guitar player and a drummer, it would be greatly appreciated.

Email addresses Sarah and I can be reached at-







Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I put up a new song - Who Wants To Care.
Also, if you click on the band bios, it will actually take you to their bios.
Oh yeah, I also got a new website. It's uncensored, so shield your eyes and cover your ears.
Shut your mouth while you're at it.
(No Evil)


Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Hello all...............Its Tuesday, I think. Things have sort of been a blur lately. But all things are well concidering that my brain is melting. Oh well, maybe I dont need it after all. Anyways, I sent Lisa B. Some new songs, so hopefully they will be up soon. Uhhhhhhhhhh. What else. Hopefully some new pics soon, ahhh I dont have anything else to say.


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